31 de des. 2009

Top 10 K-Pop 2009

After half year living in Seoul, I couldn't manage to escape from all this K-Pop stuff. It's everywhere, everytime! So, I tried to become 'friendl'y with it. And now, I like it somehow.

Here is my Top 10 list of best K-Pop songs of this year.

10. Kara - Mister
Their hips and live shows made them appear on this list. It was hard to choose between Wanna and this Mister.

9. 2ne1 - I Don't Care
One of the bands of the year couldn't be out of this list. Even though I don't think this is theuir best song, it's the played of the year.

8. Outsider - Loner
Some rap in this list. That man is the fastest rapper in Korea. He deserves a place in this Top 10!

7. 2PM - Again & Again
Some people say they're the band of the year. Some other say this is the song of the year. Well, for me it's ok. They worked hard and quite popular, so, here they are.

6. T-ara & Supernova - Time to Love (T.T.L.)
This song reminds me a bit of Timbaland. It was one of the most played songs on this second half year, along with its other more dance version  TTL Listen 2.
Maybe he likes himself too much. But he's got talent. The leader of Big Bang prooved that as solo he has so much to offer.

4. SNSD a.k.a. Girls Generation - Genie
This 9 charming girl band showed their best with this song that was everywhere during the summer. Of course they deserve a place in this ranking.

3. Baek Ji Young Feat. Taec Yeon (2PM) -My Ear's Candy
Very good collaboration. Vocoders, synthethyzers, words in many languages... A good pop song!

2. Son Dam Bi - 토요일밤에(toyoil pame) - Saturday Night
Great Son Dam Bi! This song was playing before I arrived to Seoul. And I have really good memories with it. It was hard to decide between this one and the powerful song  AMOLED

1. Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
 The song of the year. They really deserve the first place with that great song that rocked everywhere and everybody knows. Good beats, nice video, sexy dance and lots of TV performances. Congratulations Jea, Ga-In, Narsha and Miryo!

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